STM-ARC-07-Projet d'architecture 3

  • ue-a-stm-arc-07
  • Génie Civil

Semestre : 8

Responsable(s) du contenu pédagogique
  • Christelle GRESS
Total coefficients : 1,5
Total heures : 28,5 (4,5 cours, 24 projet)
Total heures travail personnel : 20


The students are supposed to have followed the courses A-STM-ARC-06 Projet d’architecture 1 and 2. Furthermore, the following prerequisites are applied:

- Basic notions of English (since the studio is held in English).
- Good knowledge of Collaborative Design Engineering Practices.
- Graphic communication skills.


The theme of "climatic heterotopia" is always in the center of this design studio. The objective of the present module is to extend the notion of the « climatic heterotopia » in the building scale and the interior ambiances.
Additionally, this time we focus in the building scale with the aim to develop the project till the detail scale. Through the notion of « climatic heterotopia » students are invited to investigate and reinvent the future of urban farming, making interior spaces and envelopes the new farmlands, establishing a new aesthetic dimension of space creation inspiring a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


The present module focus on the discussion and development of the following working axes:
i) Develop architectural solutions for rainwater conservation and reuse,
ii) Correctly implement innovative projects; integrating sophisticated technical solution such as rooftop gardens, community gardens, school gardens, etc.
iii) Promote through an inventive architectural design collaborative, sustainable cultivation of food in urban and interior building spaces
iv) Efficiently design all the technical solutions to respond to all the constraints that should be applied in order to implement green areas within interior spaces or in the envelop
v) Work on the energy performance of a big scale project

Contraintes pédagogiques - Méthodes pédagogiques

The present Architectural Design Studio is seen as a collaborative Architecture and Engineer platform that pursues an essential goal that consists on accompanying students in their journey towards AUTONOMY.

Contraintes pédagogiques - Moyens spécifiques

The atelier is the place where the project is born, and where the project evolves during the whole semester. The specific pedagogic methods that are applied are similar to the methods followed during the teaching of the courses A-STM-ARC-06 (Projet d’architecture 1 and 2).

Mode d'évaluation

Students are invited to present their work in front of a jury two times during the semester.


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